The Basics and Significance of Commercial Deep Cleaning

With the arrival of COVID-19, many companies are exploring alternative cleaning methods and asking, “What is commercial deep cleaning?”

Simply put, when a janitorial service goes above and beyond the standard daily cleaning and sanitizing of a commercial building, they are performing a commercial deep cleaning. It has become very prevalent with COVID-19. Floors that get a lot of traffic or are composed of a stain- or soil-prone material are common candidates for professional deep cleaning.

For instance, if a retail store receives a lot of foot traffic or if the carpets in any other high-traffic area frequently become filthy, then regular professional deep cleaning is necessary. Commercial deep cleaning of heavily trafficked floors would also be required in locations where the flooring is prone to discoloration. This is far more comprehensive than standard office cleaning services.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Deep Cleaning Service

It might be challenging for commercial carpet cleaning firms to clean the carpet during a deep business cleaning, especially if the project is located in an office setting. To clean them in an office building, the cleaning crew will need to wait until all employees have left for the day. Since some office cleaning agents may be harmful to carpets, commercial carpet cleaners should also make sure they are knowledgeable about the materials used in the building.

The process often entails sanding down the floors and refinishing them, as is the case with the hardwood floors that can be found in many office buildings. They usually need to dry for a while after they’ve been sanded and stained. Since commercial cleaning companies frequently employ extra staff to wait in the facility while the floors dry, they usually charge extra for this period.

The Cost of a Deep Commercial Cleaning

Depending on the nature of the property, commercial deep cleaning services may charge by the hour or by the square foot. When cleaning a restaurant, a commercial cleaning service will normally bill the business by the hour, and each customer will incur an additional price. However, if the property being cleaned is particularly large, like an office building, the cleaning service may opt to charge on a per-square-foot basis. As with most service businesses, this one charges a single rate for everything from cleaning supplies to paper towels.

Having a lot of carpets or other floorings that need cleaning can make commercial deep cleaning a highly costly project for a business. In the case of floor cleaning, it is common for cleaning services to charge $10 or more per square foot. If the firm must wait for the floors to dry before continuing with the cleaning, they may also assess additional fees.

The costs are determined by various factors, including the type of property being cleaned, the size of the property, the number of employees working on the cleaning project, and the materials utilized.

How Long Does It Take To Do Commercial Deep Cleaning?

Time is often an issue when attempting a commercial deep cleaning, especially if the floors must be allowed to dry before further work can be done. Since commercial cleaning companies often employ extra staff to wait in the facility while the floors dry, this waiting time is typically billed at an hourly rate. In some circumstances, cleaning services for businesses may add on costs for cleaning products.


Commercial deep cleaning is an important process that helps to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from surfaces in a commercial setting. This type of cleaning is often performed by professional cleaners who use special equipment and techniques to reach deep into crevices and remove all traces of dirt and grime. 

All in all, it is a great way to keep any commercial space clean and safe for everyone.

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